WAVY HAIR CARE: Things you should know!

Have you got wavy hair? Are you having trouble finding the right hair care products that will help your hair look its best? You’re in luck if so!

We’ll be giving our best suggestions for taking care of wavy hair in this blog post. Read on if you’re interested in finding a new shampoo and conditioner to test or if you simply need styling tips for your waves.

What are the types of wavy hair?

wavy hair
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Hair thickness and curly hair form are equally different. Did you notice that? To take care of your wavy hair properly. 

There are different types of wavy hair, and American hairstylist Andre Walker has created a system of categorization based on capillary fiber that ranges from type 1A to type 4C. (the numbers indicating, in order, whether the hair type is straight, wavy, curly, or frizzy). 

The letters represent the hair’s particular qualities and texture.

Wavy hair, which is categorized as Type 2 and has three subcategories (2A, 2B, and 2C), is distinguished by the lack of tight curls. According to Gui Cassolari, an authorized Natura hair stylist, “This classification is used to detect the properties of your hair and, afterward, to match the types of hair care needed.” Additionally, the expert teaches how to know your hair type. “Pay attention to hair thickness, frizz tendency, and curl size. 

Keep in mind that your hair’s kind has nothing to do with its length. Within three fingers of the root, he claims, you can identify the sort of hair you have.

Find out what kind of wavy hair you have right now.



It’s nearly as silky as straight hair, but closer examination shows that it creates slight S curls. The root is straight, and the hair is fine. They have a very low volume and very slight waves.


Compared to 2A hair, the hair curls are a little more defined, but the root is still straight. Curl activators frequently work well at defining curls and adding volume to them. On top of the head, there can be some frizz to be seen.


The S wave actually creates tight curls since the hair is thicker. In comparison to all three wavy hair types, it often has the highest volume.

Wavy Hair-care Routine: How to take care of wavy hair?

Top 6 wavy hair care tips by Experts

  • Keep the moisture/hydration lock in your hair. You’ll be able to see the difference if your hair is properly hydrated. The Australian Macadamia Nut Oil is one of the Miracle Moist collections that will give those waves the moisture boost they need. Ideal for hair that needs moisture as badly as a traveler lost in the bush!
  • Say goodbye to heavy styling. You don’t need to torture your hair with curling irons and style products if you want the curl to last all day. Trust me,  You really shouldn’t do it. Discover the best ways to style wavy hair without harming it. Your hair may end up looking frizzy, damaged, or burdened down from heat styling and massive abuse of products.
  • Use your fingers to comb. Yep! Your hair will pull less if you use your fingers to lightly comb through it, maintaining the definition of the hair waves.
  • Accept the finger twirl. A quick and easy approach to controlling frizz and preserving curls is to use your fingers to help define the curves/ waves in your hair.
  • Keep the heat low. Low temps are ideal for maintaining curls and minimizing frizz. Use the right product for wavy hair to seal the moisture, and keep the heat on low for the styling tools.
  • Use a pin. To hold your hair in place and neat, use a few pins or a knot. Show off that wavy up-do while carefully pinning those waves into position.

FAQ on wavy Hair!!

How to take care of wavy hair after a shower?

Use the “plopping” method after a shower by bending over and twirling the cloth over your head. Reduce drying time and improve your natural waves and curls using this no-heat technique. No touching! Keep your hands (and brushes) away from your hair once you’ve finished styling it.

Should I Brush my wavy Hair after the shower?

No matter what your hair type is, you should always comb your wet hair. Curly/ wavy hair females should use a wide-tooth comb after showering to detangle their hair without snagging it. A fine-tooth comb can be used by those with finer textures. If you have straight hair: A brush will actually lessen frizz when your hair is straight.

How often should I wash my wavy hair?

Most people with wavy hair prefer to wash it every three to four days, or around twice each week, which is actually the best & enough thing to do. Not washing your hair can make them feel dirty, but excessive washing can be drying or damaging. For most people with wavy hair, washing twice a week appears to be a perfect balance.

“Adipurush Co-Stars” Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Dating Rumors.

“Adipurush Co-Stars” Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Dating Rumors.

Prabhas and Kriti Sanon dating? Actor Prabhas is one of the top Actors in Indian cinema and is getting ready for his major movie, Adipurush. Prabhas and Kriti Sanon are reportedly dating. The movie, in which Kriti Sanon also has a role, is currently in post-production. According to the most recent information, the Adipurush co-stars are dating and taking things slowly.

When the Mimi actor contacted Prabhas during a calling session on Koffee With Karan, everyone was shocked. The actors haven’t commented on the hype that the phone call caused, but a recent rumour said that Prabhas and Kriti Sanon might be getting closer romantically.

Adipurush Co Stars Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Dating Rumors. 1
“Adipurush Co-Stars” Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Dating Rumors.


Prabhas and Kriti Sanon have “strong feelings” for one another, source BollywoodLife. They appear to have gotten along well right away on the Adipurush sets. The fact that Prabhas, who is often shy, is “openly talking to Kriti and is so immersed in the conversation with her,” as well as the fact that they seem to connect, surprised everyone.


On sets, Prabhas and Kriti enjoyed their time together. They are both fully involved creatively in their first movie together, and they rely on each other to decide whether a sequence is excellent or needs to be reshot, according to the news portal.


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They never forget to phone or text each other, according to their sources, which only serves to underline their genuine love for one another. It would be premature to refer to their connection as a relationship, though. While filming or even marketing their own films, co-stars frequently become involved in one another’s life, but Kriti and Prabhas are unique in this sense. According to Bollywood Life, they do actually have a deep feeling for one another and merely want it to develop naturally rather than quickly.

When it comes to his love life, Prabhas is quite private. Kriti Sanon’s name being associated with the Baahubali actor has pleased fans who have been reading rumours of their rumoured “interest” in one another.



“Sushant’s ‘Brahmastra’ to the entire industry.” Sister Mitu Singh’s criticism of Bollywood actors

“Sushant’s ‘Brahmastra’ to the entire industry.” Sister Mitu Singh’s criticism of Bollywood actors

Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput passed away more than two years ago. In the memories of Sushant’s loved ones, friends, and supporters, he is still alive. On social media, Sushant’s supporters are frequently seen demanding justice for him. His family and supporters blame nepotism and discrimination in Bollywood for Sushant’s passing. After a long absence, Sushant’s older sister Mitu Singh has recently resumed her social media posts. Through the movie “Brahmastra,” she criticized personalities in the Bollywood film industry.

Without mentioning anyone from Bollywood, Mitu Singh stated, “Sushant’s Brahmastra is enough to demolish the Bollywood industry,” while sharing a photo of Sushant. Bollywood has always aimed to rule the public; they never fail to treat one another with respect and kindness. “How can we make such people rich in moral values the face of our country?” Mitu continued. His attempt to win the hearts of the people through drama has gone in vain. Quality and moral values ​​are the only things that can earn admiration and respect.”

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri also tweeted an old selfie with Sushant Singh Rajput a few days before Mitu Singh. Vivek shared the image with the caption, “Missing Sushant Singh Rajput. I am in the same place where we spent many evenings together. Here we used to talk about life and many other topics. We used to talk about Shekhar Kapur’s film ‘Pani’. Also used to discuss the struggles of the middle class and small-town people in Bollywood.”

On June 14, 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput’s dead body was found in his Mumbai apartment. According to the Mumbai police, suicide was the cause of the incident. However, the investigation into the case was turned over to the CBI in response to a request from Sushant’s family and a Supreme Court order. CBI has not yet come to a decision about this matter. The Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB), on the other hand, also looked into the matter as it related to narcotics, and several persons, including Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, was charged with supplying drugs to Sushant. These suspects also spent a few days in jail as well.

Brahmastra Makers are asking for fake reviews from Creators – Chat Exposed!

Brahmastra Makers are asking for fake reviews from Creators – Chat Exposed!

Brahmastra Makers are asking for fake reviews from creators and influencers apparently. Here we have a WhatsApp chat from a production agency to a famous creator with a good number of followers.

Bollywood has been in trouble ever since the boycott culture started taking place and this boycott culture has resulted in many big banner movies flopping. To give an example, Laal Singh Chadha starring big star casts like Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor was the most anticipated of this year and a big-budget film but because of Boycott culture, it flunked very badly.


Is Brahmastra the next victim of Boycott Culture?

We can’t say, yet! There are already numbers coming in that Brahmastra has got a good opening of at least 75 crore rupees which is a big amount of money but can these numbers be trusted? This can be another publicity news or in other words, fake it till you make it for makers.

Numbers can be manipulated and Brahmastra makers are geniuses when it comes to publicity, Ranbir-Alia getting in a relationship and later getting married, and Alia getting pregnant all while promoting the film says it all.

Brahmastra Reviews – Which is paid and which is not?

This is too much drama, On the left side there are makers, producers, and actors of the movie who are trying their level best for the movie to do big, so it is very obvious they will buy the “good reviews” just to attract the audience. Meanwhile, on the right side, we have the angry and furious Boycott army who are topping the Twitter trending topics ever since Brahmastra was announced.

Since the Boycott army is so strong, there are rumors, that some anti-Bollywood groups are paying meme pages, news channels, and even influencers for negative movie reviews. The hate is so strong that there are people standing outside cinema halls yelling “Boycott, Boycott, Boycott” urging people to not watch the movie.

Why is that? People have their reasons, some sensible and some utter rubbish reasons, although the rubbish ones make sense to them.

On the other hand, Brahmastra makers apparently invited creators and influencers for a luxurious special screening a day before the release and have requested influencers to write good reviews, not just that, the crew has also written and suggested captions for them, Here is the chat:

Brahmastra Makers are asking for fake reviews from Creators - Chat Exposed! 4

So, don’t believe what you see on the internet. The good reviews are either paid or bought as barter and the bad reviews are, well, a result of hate and rage.

Who to believe? We really don’t know at this point. What are your thoughts? Tweet us! @cheesymag

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21 Days Glow-Up challenge: Glowing Skin Tips

21 Days Glow-Up challenge: Glowing Skin Tips

Glowing Skin Advice for the 21-Day Glow Up Challenge: Skin that is lifeless and dull hurts everyone. Then we continue looking for the top cosmetics and beauty items available. Can these synthetic items still be helpful when beauty doesn’t originate from within? We seek advice online, in articles, and from our family and friends for glowing skin advice.

And we must be aware that, in addition to some of the best cosmetic products, we also need to consider other elements. No beauty product can give you glowing skin if you are not internally healthy.

Take this 21-day glow-up challenge and see the drastic change- glowing skin tips.

21 days glowup challange glowing skin tips
image: pexels

After making these habits consistently for at least 21 days, we bet you’ll be genuinely shocked. You will most undoubtedly soon have skin that is glowing, and clear.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated by consuming 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
    First, drinking enough water is the most crucial and well-known tip to having healthy skin. To keep the body and skin moisturized, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water (warm water is preferred).

2. Eat/Add Good fat to your diet

Monounsaturated Fats –

Canola, Peanut, Olive, and sesame oils
Nuts (almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews)
Peanut butter

Polyunsaturated Fat –

Sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds
Fatty fish (salmon, tuna) and fish oil
Safflower and Soybean oil

3. Always be positive and appealing.
In order to maintain your beauty, you must adopt a positive outlook on life. Embrace the thought “I am attractive.” Several times a day is recommended, however the most crucial times to recite this mantra are right after waking up and right before bed. It will give you a beautiful inner glow

4. Breathing exercises are Important
The secret to having beautiful skin is to practice meditation and breathing exercises since proper breathing techniques allow the skin to receive enough oxygen. The skin needs enough oxygen to breathe well and to appear healthy and radiant.

5. Apply DIY Facemasks for Glowing Skin
Masks produced at home are wonderful. They improve your skin without adding any damaging chemicals. Some of the best facemasks that instantly give your skin a healthy shine include fresh fruit masks, yogurt with oatmeal, honey with bananas, honey with coffee, and yogurt with orange peel. For three weeks, these DIY face masks must be used at least twice every week (part of the 21-day glow-up challenge).

6. Don’t Forget to Eat
The key to optimal health is eating five small meals each day. And that is just as crucial for a skincare regimen. When five servings of healthy food are consumed at the correct times throughout the day, the body and skin greatly benefit.

Breakfast should include healthy foods because it is one of the most important meals of the day. You should avoid eating a few foods at breakfast.

7. Include fruit in your diet.
Including different fruits is healthy for the skin and body. Fruits are rich in fiber and aid in the body’s detoxification process. You naturally see the pink glow on your face when the body is detoxifying itself. In many respects, a fruit detox is beneficial. It aids in skin renewal, delays aging and lessens under-eye circles.

8. Nutrient-Dense Nuts And Dry Fruits
Nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and cashew nuts should absolutely be included in the diet in addition to fruits. They are nutrient-rich. By including dried dates, you can increase your body’s iron levels and achieve a natural pink glow.

9. Green vegetables are essential.
You must include green veggies in your diet in addition to fruits, dry fruits, and nuts for a balanced diet. Green vegetables beautify the skin and hair.

10. Drink water from Tender Coconuts
Every day, sip on the water from one delicate coconut. All of the toxins are removed from the body and the skin by it. and intensifies its radiance. Additionally, it has natural electrolytes that are good for your health.

11. Take Beauty Sleep
Sleeping for at least eight hours is regarded as beauty sleep. While sleeping, the body and skin repair themselves. Beauty sleep fights aging causes and heals skin cells. Make careful to wash your face before bed and avoid wearing makeup while you sleep.

It permits the skin’s pores to open up and renew. This procedure rebuilds attractive skin and a healthy body while restoring the lost charm of the skin and body.

Follow this routine for 21 days without quitting to see a notable change. Follow the advice after the first 21 days but don’t stop quickly so that your beauty is maintained.

Skin and hair become attractive with this 21-day glow-up challenge method. decreases wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles under the eyes. Overall, it produces excellent effects after 21 days. Try out these methods for radiant skin to discover your true beauty.

Thumbnail credit: Janhvi Kapoor Instagram