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Phone BHoot 2022 movie is Made on This Topic (Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download in Hindi)

(Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download Link in Hindi filmyzilla,mp4moviez,pagalmovies,tamilyogi,Tamilyogi) After watching a lot of scary movies since they (Major & Gullu) were young, Major and Gullu are two unemployed young men who want to make a profession as exorcists and ghostbusters. They live in a rented house where they regularly pray to their close friend “Raka” for assistance in overcoming their poverty through a statue of Raka they found while mining a hill.

 After getting Raka’s approval one day, they decide to organize a ghost Halloween party at midnight and make the necessary preparations. Raka’s sparkling eyes quickly closed at midnight. Major and Gullu attach the light source of the eyeballs to a live wire in order to illuminate it and repair Raka’s eyes. Eventually, they both get electrocuted during this maneuver and collapse to the ground.

While they are unconscious, they travel to a totally different realm of the dead where they encounter Ragini, a kind ghost who pledges to assist them in obtaining wealth and fulfilling their desires in exchange for a subsequent favor they are not allowed to decline at any cost. Both Major and Gullu are fascinated by her beauty and charm and decide to support her business transaction as a result.

The agreement was to expose the offenders who had injured the depraved souls while they were alive in order to aid in their attainment of moksha (salvation). Both Major and Gullu would get a lump sum of money in exchange for this favor, and they would be required to give a portion of that money to the families of those wicked souls in order to satisfy their needs and help them find salvation.

When Major and Gullu wake up, they are shocked to see Ragini, who had appeared in their dream, at their home. They now realize that while they were unconscious, they had wandered around the underworld. (Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download in Hindi)

Major and Gullu launch their own “Phone Bhoot” company after being inspired by Ragini’s concept, with Ragini providing support. The phone company eventually experiences tremendous success as their business expands. Atmaram, a malicious Tantrik, is envious of this and plans to destroy the Phone Bhoot enterprise by conjuring specific witches and spirits. Ragini, however, foils Atmaram’s attempts to hurt Major and Gullu.

Atmaram soon discovers that the ghost Ragini who is guarding Major and Gullu is actually the late king “Raja Dushyant Singh’s” deceased lover. Both were killed in a car accident on the highway as part of an evil plot to overthrow Dushyant as king and seize his authority and wealth, which was actually hatched by none other than Atmaram. Due to Ragini’s diminished abilities on the day of the lunar eclipse, Atmaram uses his evil tantric skills to imprison Ragini inside a bottle.

After Ragini was caught, Major and Gullu felt defeated and fooled because they had recently realized that Ragini had exploited them for her own ends, killing her beloved Dushyant and enslaving his spirit in Atmaram’s collection of magic bottles.

They are about to part ways when they are confronted by another good spirit that they had previously exorcised with Ragini’s assistance. This spirit informs them that Ragini is in grave peril and needs their assistance once more in order to rescue numerous souls from the Atmaram trap, including Dushyant’s.

When Major and Gullu learn of this, they both enter Atmaram’s cave and engage him in a violent magical battle. There, they use cunning tactics to fool him and free Ragini and Dushyant, who in turn free the other captive souls. Atmaram is ultimately propelled to hell fire in the underworld by the combined might of all the souls. In their metaphysical form, Ragini and Dushyant joyfully reunite and pledge to assist Major and Gullu in the future if they ever need it.

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Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download Link in Hindi filmyzilla,mp4moviez,pagalmovies,tamilyogi,Tamilyogi: Cast 

Ragini Maheshwari is played by Katrina Kaif.
Ishaan Khatter plays Galileo Parthasarthy, also known as Gullu, and Sherdil Shergill, also known as Major
Atmaram, played by Jackie Shroff Dhyani
Chikni Chudail is Sheeba Chadha.
Nidhi Bisht as Dayan
Anuksha Lavanya played by Suguna Pushparaj
Manu Shadi Chadha
Dushyant Singh, played by Armaan Ralhan
As Hunny, Pulkit Samrat (cameo)
Choocha, played by Varun Sharma (cameo)
As Lali, Manjot Singh (cameo)
Kedar Shankar plays Ketu, while Manuj Sharma plays Rahu.
(Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download in Hindi)

Phone Bhoot Full Movie Synopsis (Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download Link in Hindi (filmyzilla,mp4moviez,pagalmovies,tamilyogi,Tamilyogi)

Gurmeet Singh provided Phone Bhoot 2022 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay a 2022 Hindi language comedy spine-chilling movie Phone Bhoot, which was produced by Succeed Entertainment’s Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. The movie’s story is as follows: Two inept ghostbusters communicate with a ghost for a business idea. Regardless, as the disagreeable ghost learns about her strategy, their courses of action deteriorate. Major and Professional oddball right away. (Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download in Hindi)

However, their dads personally approach them and demand that they pay Rs. 5 crores, which represents the total amount spent on their children to date. They have 90 days to complete the task. In Phone Bhoot, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan play specter trackers while Katrina anticipates seeing a ghost.

They continuously embark on an absurd and scary journey with a process. After the transfer, Phone Bhoot received “Endorsement” from the audience, who dubbed the movie “continuous giggling.” The film’s makers acknowledge that the concept behind Phone Bhoot has the potential to go beyond the scope of a single movie. 

At the beginning, center, and conclusion of the movie, a supernatural sutradhar tells a voiceover narration about a side project that takes place in areas of probability. Could it be claimed that we are currently stimulated? Major and Expert have no choice but to accept the concept despite the fact that they also can’t resist the need to consider why Ragini needs to assist them. They do not use ham.

Jackie Shroff does fine in his role as the dishonest miscreant. Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download Link in Hindi (filmyzilla,mp4moviez,pagalmovies,tamilyogi,Tamilyogi)

How to download: Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download Link in Hindi (filmyzilla,mp4moviez,pagalmovies,tamilyogi,Tamilyogi) complete Details

Unfortunately, Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download options are not available for now because it’s not available on any OTT Platform. 

Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download

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Phone Bhoot Movie best scene: Phone Bhoot 2022 movie download Link in Hindi (filmyzilla,mp4moviez,pagalmovies,tamilyogi,Tamilyogi)

The complete film is fun to watch but everyone has their own opinion of the film. If you haven’t watched the Phone Bhoot 2022 movie trailer yet. Watch here!!

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