Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink aka Max’s fashion and beauty secrets!

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Celebrity & Entertainment

Sadie Sink fashion and makeup

Sadie Sink is the new star of the new superhit season 4 of the web series, Stranger Things. With Stranger Things season 4 volumes 1 and 2 released, I think we’ve found our new favorite actor, who is Max, aka Sadie Sink.

Sadie Sink got pretty famous with her outstanding acting on Stranger Things Season 4, while her favorite song in the show “Running up that hill” is viral on social media, she is also making the news with her flawless makeup and style!

Sadie Sink’s Personal Style:

Sadie Sink loves to wear comfortable and classy clothes, with a statement piece – a cute pair of jeans, and a classic cropped blazer with sneakers or heels is a go-to outfit for Sadie. According to Sadie, she never really found her style in her teenage years and wasn’t ever comfortable in a particular outfit, she was exploring while being underconfident and not feeling good about herself.

Sadie’s favorite colors to wear are just neutral and earthy colors, Although for events she can’t help but either wear black or white. she loves blazers – all kinds.

The Tote Bag Trend:

Sadie, being a Gen-Z icon is also following along with the latest Tote Bag trend and owns lots of Tote bags that she is obsessed with.

What is in Sadie Sink’s Tote Bag?

Stranger Things fans will love this! – Sadie carries big headphones with her always (and maybe listens to “Running up that hill” who knows?) some makeup wipes, lip balm, and face masks.

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Max’s Style vs Sadie’s Style:

Although Max had only one outfit throughout the whole season 4, fans still admire her style. Sadie admitted in her last interview that hers and Max’s style is kinda similar in terms of colors.

Sadie Sink’s appearances almost everywhere, be it an event or just a day out with her dogs – her outfits are always on point. Sadie found her personal style when she turned 18 and red carpets and events helped her do experiments with her clothing style.

Sadie Sink’s Makeup Routine:

Sadie likes to keep it simple by having minimal makeup.

Starting with her eyebrows, she brushes up her brows and puts on chapstick or lipstick depending on her day.

Her eyeshadow always compliments her beautiful hair, she’s always seen with a kind of orange-ish and peachy nicely blended eyeshadow along with a beautiful peach and coral blush. Her makeup is always natural looking and she doesn’t really cover up much with foundation or concealer.

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