kendall's love for photography

Kendall Jenner is passionate about photography and owns lots of film cameras/ Point and shoot cameras which are expensive and affordable both.

kendall's go-to apps for selfies!

It is assumed and talked a lot that Kendall edits her selfies on Facetune App – Facetune is pretty popular among celebs!

Assuming from a variety of picture colors, Kendall Jenner might be using some app or has her own preset for her Instagram.

easy hack for no-filter editing!

No-filter photos are cool and look effortless! You just need to make a few adjustments  and you get flawless photos without any judgy eyes who hate filters! 

kendall's love for film prints

Kendall loves film photos and posts the film scans on her gram without adding any filter! The natural creamy film look is perfect for Instagram!