Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Dating?

Actor Prabhas is one of the top Actors in Indian cinema and is getting ready for his major movie, Adipurush. Prabhas and Kriti Sanon are reportedly dating. 

The movie, in which Kriti Sanon also has a role, is currently in post-production. According to the most recent information, the Adipurush co-stars are dating and taking things slowly. 

When the Mimi actor contacted Prabhas during a calling session on Koffee With Karan, everyone was shocked. The actors haven’t commented on the hype that the phone call caused, but a recent rumour said that Prabhas and Kriti Sanon might be getting closer romantically. 

Prabhas and Kriti Sanon have “strong feelings” for one another, source BollywoodLife. They appear to have gotten along well right away on the Adipurush sets. 

Prabhas, who is often shy, is “openly talking to Kriti and is so immersed in the conversation with her,” as well as the fact that they seem to connect, surprised everyone. 

On sets, Prabhas and Kriti enjoyed their time together. They are both fully involved creatively in their first movie together, and they rely on each other to decide whether a sequence is excellent or needs to be reshot, according to the news portal. 

They never forget to phone or text each other, according to their sources, which only serves to underline their genuine love for one another. It would be premature to refer to their connection as a relationship, though. 

While filming or even marketing their own films, co-stars frequently become involved in one another’s life, but Kriti and Prabhas are unique in this sense. 

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