Sadie Sink got pretty famous with her acting on Stranger Things Season 4, she is also making the news with her flawless makeup and style!

Sadie Sink loves to wear comfortable and classy clothes, with a statement piece  P.s. She loves blazers!


a cute pair of jeans, and a classic cropped blazer with sneakers or heels is a go-to outfit for Sadie.

Sadie’s favorite colors to wear are just neutral and earthy colors, Although for events she can’t help but either wear black or white.

Sadie carries big headphones with her along with some makeup wipes, lip balm, and face masks.

What is in Sadie Sink’s Tote Bag?

Sadie likes to keep it simple by having minimal makeup. Starting with her eyebrows, she brushes up her brows and puts on chapstick or lipstick  


Her eyeshadow varies around peachy eyeshadow along with a beautiful peach and coral blush Her makeup is always natural looking and she doesn’t really cover up much with foundation or concealer.